Will Wright | product designer

Sports Gets Social

iOS UI design @ App-the-Game

We called it the "smart, social app for sports fans." It's a place for fans to sound off on current events, news and games involving their favorite teams and sports.

It started off as mainly a social network, with forum-style chat, RSS feeds, scoring updates, etc. But slowly it matured into a more comprehensive tool for fans to both talk smack AND challenge each other to small fantasy contests.

Lessons Learned

Going from an in-stadium purchasing app, to a social media app, and eventually to a fantasy sports app was a schezophrenic process that forced me to grow as a designer and learn from some of very accomplished people how structure my thinking and design with a purpose. I got to meet a lot of intersting people along the way, and it was one of my first adventures in the startup life, with all the pain, suffering and elation that goes with it. Two of the best years of my life.

App the game